Monday, October 31, 2016

76 - All Hallows Een

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

This week has been interesting... Our car needed long term fixing, so we walked for three days entirely. That was an adventure. I am SO thankful for a working car now! We were only able to walk to two lessons per day due to the distance required to walk. I haven't been that sore in forever. Other than that adventure making a dent in our work, we did get to see the Baker family and helped them strengthen their understanding of the restoration, Joseph Smith, and The Book of Mormon and its role in conversion and The Bible.

We visited the members in the heights, lots of tired mom's making costumes for the Trunk or treat. We also were able to meet Brother Rosas, and Ihave never seen so many varieties of fruits in my life, including some I never knew existed! So beautiful there, he let us tour his garden making up of plumeria, multiple varieties of oranges, tangerines, tangelos, limes, lemons, (I forgot the name but a fruit like a lemon lime looking fruit, tastes like a bland orange, with a slight sweet lemon, and a grapefruit aftertaste) purple/red dragon fruit, sugar cane, white and red pomegranate varieties, two varieties of persimmons, pecan and other nut trees, lots of pepper varieties, sweet potato, papaya, avocado, and other usual garden plants. SO PRETTY, it looked like a sightseeing garden more than a fruit garden how he set it up! He even used used old concrete from the sidewalks to make retaining walls, such a great idea and so pretty... Who would have thought! He even has chickens of all colors and said they love pomegranates that got spoiled by rain (the fruit rots when wet... who would have thought). That was an adventure. He LOVES giving extra food to neighbors and missionaries so we came back with more fruit than I knew what to do with other than share.

We also saw Brother Jensen who has an American Eskimo dog named Sissy. Sadly, she has heart defects that were unknown for years and only 1 usable eye now, so he was worried about her going down hill. His girlfriend also passed away a few months ago, so we focused on being positive despite loss and trials. Also on reading scriptures to help him and prayer. Hopefully that will help him. It is hard to see people going through loss like that in his age of life. Everyone around him is moving on to the other side more and more these days.

Lots of slow progress here, but that is OK. We did go to the Trunk or treat though because the bakers where there. Trunk or Treat's are almost a necessary here in California due to "scary clowns" going around lately. The bakers loved it since it was safe and reliving childhood for their kids to enjoy. LOTS of cars this year! As for Halloween this year for me...apartment cleaning. Almost as scary as what you see outside trick or treating.... Glad our apartment isn't since we deep cleaned it already. That means inventory of books and things, and additional study! Hooray!

Picture of Baker family at trunk or treat... I wore another Little India outfit with a skirt I had! Sister Dimmick was also in ethnic clothing from South America...another missionary hand me down. Our costumes were sister missionaries from around the world... So creative huh?

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