Monday, October 17, 2016

74 - New companion and refrigerator!

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Mission address:
 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

My new Companion is Sister Dimmick, and we have been having lots of fun together. This week for the most part has been very slow, but eventful. I moved to the Santa Gertrudes Ward in Whittier stake, and most of my area is in the La Habra Heights and just below. Sadly, whoever decided the boundary lines neglected to put into account the fact that in order to visit certain places, you can only get there by leaving the mission boundaries.... So we are two of the few missionaries who have permission to leave the mission to use a few streets to get there. That was interesting. We also found many small 2 lane roads that we both agreed were too small for 2 cars to pass by at the same time at some points, so we definitely said a prayer before heading out in the heights to find a few members to visit who were neglected in the past due to said reasons and mileage restrictions making it difficult to venture out there for. They really need to give us more miles for those winding roads to travel, but I doubt they will. It was an adventure though! We also got a good view of the entire mission and beyond from some points. Especially since it was the clearest day I could remember in the longest time for here. Normally you can see the smog about 50 feet away, but it was nice and clear that day. I will never complain about Utah smog ever again. California smog is 100 times worse, even for Utah winters!

No luck in the back woods, but we did find out some gated communities over here that we noted on the map for future missionaries so they don't plan to make a 10 minute drive thinking they could get to another section of the area and find out it is gated and have to go ALL the way around for another half hour or more. We did that trip for them....

Miracle of the week:
We also had an adventure as we found out our ancient fridge decided to leak water from the freezer and ruin everything so we had to buy new food and swap out the fridge for a better one. Turns out the housing missionary just had to close an apartment in Whittier and had to figure out a way to take the fridge down to storage so it worked out perfectly for us! Sadly it was an old elder's apartment and it was filled with mold..... needless to say we spent some good time sanitizing it and the deepest cleaning of a fridge ever in my life to get it safe enough to use. Another adventure in itself. Our car coincidentally needed to be fixed so that took up our day that also opened up when all our appointments canceled. That trend followed the rest of the week, so we only taught 1 lesson to our investigator Sherri the entire week and another with Abigail.

Sherri had just listened to a Christian radio station, and we came and taught about the same subject. She marveled how we seemed to know exactly what she needed to hear and prayed for. She is going through a tough time, so our visit helped her a lot and gave her hope. We also helped her find ways to write down her prayer and things in it so she would read it to help her build her confidence in saying her own prayers instead of reading some one else's. After all, the best prayers come from the heart of the person saying it.

Other than that, I found out that Ken from my last area is getting baptized on October 23rd so that is exciting. I just hope we can save the miles enough to make the trip down. Of course I get sent to the furthest away zone possible.... irony.

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