Monday, October 24, 2016

75 - Kumquats have a sunnier hue

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
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While we may not have done much as far as teaching this week, we did have zone conference, Ken's Baptism, Emergency test for the stake, and apartment check.

We also found most of our appointments canceled, but hopefully that will change this week, but we kept busy and met with ward leaders to help target some people we could help out or visit so we could help the ward and other individuals that may need a message of hope or help with service. We were thankfully quite successful with that this week.

Miracle of the week was when we visited with the emergency preparedness specialist in this ward who recently was called, she was discouraged and lost in what to do. She wanted a map of the ward boundaries but despite all her attempts, the streets were off or unnamed making it almost impossible to use. We came to help her with a service by using my previous map fixing abilities I gained in my previous areas and used parts of an atlas book of sorts (not sure the name) and I carefully placed them up even so copies could be made and/or enlarged latter. She then took us out for lunch as a thank you and gave us some copies that were laminated as well when she finished them. God knows when we need help the most and she said that is was better we came when we did rather than the day before and we gave her the help/service and encouragement she needed right when she was at her lowest. We just felt prompted by the spirit to visit her first thing that morning, it goes to show it is better to follow the spirit rather than ignore it and continue on with previous plans to visit her latter.

She also had us have some kumquats, it was Sister Dimmick's first try at them and her reaction was funny, she tried to eat it without the peel and it was a big sour one too so she wasn't a fan. I however enjoyed a few since it had been forever since I last had some. We joked about that for a long while in good humor.

We went in the La Habra Heights (friendly hills) more this week. It is quite an adventure trying to find people up there and going along those roads. it reminds me of a roller coaster, lots of steep ups and downs with interesting sharp turns on occasion. Thankfully we don't pass by many other cars often in the smaller roads, or else I would rarely make those trips. It is real fun though going up there especially those rare sights of the entire valley below all the way to the ocean if the smog isn't thick only a few members live up there, They weren't home so we have to trek up there again some time.

The Baker family was fun to have a lesson with, we did a lesson on the plan of salvation and the father really enjoyed it. He kept asking us questions and loved our responses so we told him to write down any more questions for next time. He even said that it makes sense to him so much more and is starting to understand why it is us missionaries love to go on missions sharing about what we know and love to bless other people who are willing to listen. I hope they get baptized soon, they are such a great family! I also love the members who always let us use their home to teach at and fellowship them since they live outside our boundaries and can't travel to their home. I'm just grateful that the mission president that is over their area was kind enough to let us teach them.

going back to my last area for ken's baptism was a treat yesterday. Almost half the ward was there in support of them and even parts of the YSA were there to welcome him into the YSA should he like to come. He was so excited and even asked to share i\his conversion story and testimony afterwards. He even told us that his father said to him that he was so proud of him, something big in his life considering the previous nonsupport. His father even said he would be willing to support him to go on a mission should he choose. I am so happy for him!

Ken's baptism! Each time I get to see someone I taught make the choice to be baptized makes me so happy and proud of each and every one. It makes it hard to leave for home in a month, but I know they will all be just fine as long as they continue to face their life towards the savior Jesus Christ and in faith. It was interesting to see Sister Painchaud running over to give me a hug and said "my companion!" she must have missed me after all. Funny how life turns out, I'm just glad we are better off now!
All is well that ends well!

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