Monday, March 28, 2016

46 - Easter

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
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Where do I start for this week. Honestly, all that has been going on in our area is getting to know literally everyone on the few streets we have, lots of cancelled appointments, and lots more cancelled family history appointments. Yep, lots of tracking!

We did however get to have Sister Lambson from the La Palma ward over because her companion Sister Apple had to go home because of major migraines for 3 months straight and it wasn't getting better at all. Because of her leaving, we are short more sisters, and we had to work in Sister Lambson's area and ours, juggle two cars (because our car miles are sky rocket high and we are running out. Normally it isn't bad, but with so many family history appointments cancelled, we can't count on those free miles saving us). We also helped her clean out part of her apartment since a couple days ago we were surprised again when they said they will shut down her area and move her to Cerritos 1st ward, my baby area. We were hoping she would stay a week since our companionship got along so well with her, in fact better than usual odd enough, but that's life.

Easter went super well. I got to see Debbie once again, and I missed teaching after baptism lessons with her... In fact, with all my recent converts as well. I also got to see people from the La Palma ward I haven't seen in a long while since I am no longer with the STL's and don't get to go on splits some times when they were in meetings.

We didn't get to do service at the Habitat for Humanity after all this week, sadly, due to some miscommunications, and we got booted out because they had too many volunteers. We did however get to help Park Anaheim with making big paper eggs and decorating them with the residents.

Today we did get to go briefly to Virginia's gift shop and the bakery at knotts marketplace, it was real fun! I got a book and squashed penny, my other companions got a bracelet and a coin purse. The chicken dinner restaurant was too packed to even be able to try and get food there sadly. That was the highlight of the week as far as P-day fun goes, especially for Sister Lambson since it's her last day in this zone.

Sister Hinckley and I have just been going back and forth for lots of odds and ends this last week, weather it is meetings last minute to things for Sister Lambson, all the way to picking up things for family history. Lost of unexpected things, so not much in the way of progress with our investigators. It's also hard when it is Easter weekend and hardly anyone wants to spend even a minute with us.

Miracle of the week, we met Mike, a father of two adorable girls who used to date a member. He also works as a chef at Walt Disney land. He never finished reading the Book of Mormon from when his ex-girlfriend gave it to him, but he listened to us for awhile and thought it would alright to listen to more of what we shared with him this week. He is super prepared, so we are excited to see how things go with him and hopefully his family as well!

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