Monday, March 7, 2016

43 - Special assignment

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Mission address:
 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

I found out I am staying! Odd thing is that I will be splitting my area up and I will get the smaller area of the two. Sadly I won't get hardly any good people to teach that we have so far. It will be hard to be so close to any recent converts and less actives I have taught (or have allowed us to teach them) and yet not be able to see a single one. And live outside my area.

Good news though,This is all happening because my new companion Sister Hinckley and I got a special assignment of Family history missionaries, FOR THE WHOLE MISSION! (As far as I have been made aware of.) We will be working closely with Sister Tew and will train all the missionaries on family history and any converts (or soon to be) one on one. The whole goal is that all converts have a name to take to the temple before they are baptized so they can have the goal to make it to the temple with that name before the first 2 months are over. All the stake presidents are in on this Idea, so it has been neat to be apart of this special assignment! I will still be a Proselyting missionary and do regular work, which should be an interesting thing to figure out. After a few transfers, the other goal is for my companion and I to work ourselves out of a job so that EVERY MISSIONARY in this mission knows, teaches, and helps out their investigators and recent converts to do family history work the same as we do; on their own.

Other than that, Marlyn and AC Dalaguit had their confirmation this Sunday and we also did wonderfully at the musical fireside. Not much turnout on the music fireside, but it impressed the stake president so much he suggested it be done quarterly!

Sad news is due to things out of our control, we had to put Aisha's baptism on hold. Some records popped up out of the blue and put a kink in our plans the NIGHT BEFORE.... we will be working it out with the Spanish branch and Salt Lake to figure things out. Good news is that it isn't the first time this has happened with that branch, so it should be a couple week fix to sort things out. We still had an amazing time with her family and friends for a dinner and had amazing Pupusa (which President Tew always gets for departing missionaries, and I was sad that I would never get the chance to have some once the change in presidents happens).

This week's miracle is that we were able to get things put together for the musical fireside as well as we did. We had some last minute cancellations, no before run through, and stress all around for my companions putting things together. We hardly had any lessons at all due to meetings and other things out of our control.

Other than that, lots of packing, LOTS of cancelled appointments, and Lots of goodbyes with my Companion Sister Skelton going home. She is off to Australia come tomorrow!

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