Tuesday, March 1, 2016

42 - Foggy temple and baptisms

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

It's that transfer again, we got to go to the LA Temple! It was Super foggy though, made for some unusual photos outside. We had to get up SUPER early to help get some other sisters where they needed to be so it looks like a nap will be in order instead of sports. It was all worth it in the end though.

This week Marlene and AC Dalaguit were baptized. This one was extra special since AJ was given the priesthood during the first part of the baptism meeting and was able to Baptize AC and Joel baptized his wife Marlene. It was so special to see the entire family in white! It will be a day I will never forget! We had amazing talks, testimonies, and memories made that day. Definitely the spirit was felt by the whole family and all those who attend. What a rare thing for me to be honored to take part in the lives of so many amazing converts baptisms. I will definitely miss Buena Park when I leave, just as much as I do Cerritos if I leave this transfer. Each of the people I have taught mean so much to me, and it hurts to say goodbye every time I have to leave.

Two miracles this week. First was we picked up Tiffany again this week. I was on splits with another sister, but my companions felt prompted to visit and she told them that God answered her prayer for us to come again. She got a car finally and so many other small miracles led her to conclude to come back to church with us. So exciting!

Second miracle was again when I was on splits, this time with Sister Tew, the mission president's wife. We were going to a back up potential, but it ended up being in an adjacent area and was put in the wrong page, so we went there and no one was home. As we were heading back to the car, a black car came up and stopped right along side ours. Then faster than fast Aarti and Diya ran out yelling, "Sister Clark!" and gave me and Sister Tew a hug and asked us to come visit them just around the corner in their home. There we met Aarti's Mother who is also an RN, only retired. She made us AMAZING Indian food (Sister Tew was impressed and loved it!), and we were able to try and figure out where they were in their reading The Book of Mormon and how they were doing. It was so great. I even was able to give away the Hindi Book of Mormon my companion insisted to shove in my bag earlier that day. It was great since their mother understood Hindi better than English, which is one of the 4 languages she knows from being a nurse in India and America. MIRACLES ALL AROUND THIS WEEK. I missed them all so much, and it was good to see the progress they have made. Diya has faithfully continued to pray and read The Book of Mormon every day since we first met her and was in Alma 13, such an amazing accomplishment for someone her age. (I know I wasn't that great about reading when I was her age.) Diya even said she knows God answers her prayers, since she prayed that we could see each other again; and we did. Too happy to teach them both again!

We also have been helping out the Spanish elders and YSA elders a lot, we heard that they are teaching some wonderful people who are on their way to baptism, which is wonderful that we were able to find them and pass them along to those missionaries.

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