Monday, March 21, 2016

45 - Mexican party and Easter eggs

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

We had 3 family history lessons this week, it was so much fun. We also got a nice GPS to use from the office that we are in the process of customizing no go zones so it will never take us outside our mission boundaries as well! I was worried we might get stuck with a cheap $30 one that constantly breaks and takes you the long way around and in the wrong direction (which happens very often).

We have gone to Long Beach West (bro zone as it is termed, which is cool to be the ONLY sisters who have ever been there) to teach a bilingual family, helped the Elders in our ward, Buena park; with Jessica. Don over in Huntington beach, who has the darnedest stories you have ever heard that are all true! It has been a blast this week. I hope we can get to the point were we schedule 2 a day, that would be the greatest!

One of the greatest things to see is the missionaries and investigators/recent converts change when they go on and experience it. So many comments on how easy it is, how fun it is, they love how similar it is to Facebook, only for people living and dead! The biggest is how you can put on memories of anyone you put in there and can connect with everyone around the world for free! Spanish is a bit hard since there are VERY limited records available, but other than that, it is great! So many missionaries after the lesson are excited, or at least less nervous about doing the first lesson we do with other people, Which is good!

Other than that, we haven't found many other new investigators. We met with Reynold a couple times this week, sadly last minute he cancelled on church, but we hope to see him next week!

AISHA IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!!! FINALLY, this is so exciting. I get to help out with a talk and come. Even though I wasn't the missionary over her to the end, it still counts in my heart.

Its been an interesting week. We also got to do service at park Anaheim making baby ducks and baby chickens for the residents.

Miracle of the week is when we crashed a Mexican party (talk with everyone commitment, so awkward in this case) and just as we were about to leave, Johnny came up and asked who we were. He was confused how two young fair skinned girls were lost at their party and was about to offer directions if we were lost. We talked about the new Easter video #Hallelujah and how we and our loved ones will be made alive just like Christ did one day. He was stunned that a Christian church believed in that and had this look like he hit the lottery since just before seeing us he was just thinking about his cousin who died less than a week ago and missed him a lot. After that, he really became interested in our message and church, and even though he was Catholic, he was open to listen. Sadly he lives out of our mission, but hopefully he takes the lessons wherever he lives. Earlier we had an option to go there, or stay on that same street, and I felt we had to go to another street. If we didn't, we would have missed him. So amazing how if we follow the spirits promptings, we won't miss out on opportunities to share the glad tidings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

Today for sports we are dying Easter eggs! Fun stuff. I am trying out Ukrainian egg style, hopefully it works!

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