Monday, January 25, 2016

37 - Still here

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
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Short on time today so this will be short. (My companions are terrible about time and spent it lingering in the clothing isle of the store.... as usual...)

We went to the LA visitors center with the Dalaguits and Dortheos, I went with the Dortheos, but sadly the sisters there had to change with their shift ending and the new ones went off the wall with baptismal inviting.... (hunting in this case).... and drove them off a bit and they didn't show up to church the next day. I was frustrated to say the least. We already know how Mary Lou felt and wasn't the most comfortable with that subject yet, and we told her that was fine right now, then those sisters ruined everything by making it sound like that is all we ever care about. So disappointing.

The Dalaguits trip went well though, they loved it and enjoyed our time with them and even took us out to dinner afterwards to an Asian buffet (which was truly Asian and mostly was all sorts of seafood. I finally figured out how to eat crab and other good foods. Asian places in Utah are very tame and boring compared to this place with food. This might become my favorite food place here in Buena park besides Portillos that you don't have anywhere else in the mission). We got to know their family real well and had a spiritual time with them afterwards discussing how the trip went and it looks very promising they will be baptized with what they told us. The mom may take awhile, but that's ok because it's on their time, not ours.

We met with Debbie and helped her a bit getting on to reading Doctrine and Covenants as well as family history. She is looking so forward to working towards going to the temple for baptisms!

We didn't find many people this week. We were focusing on the people we had and most of the people we've dropped from our teaching pool or the more part, passed off to YSA or Spanish. Good for them!

I found out that I will be staying. That is a relief, and its the first time in a long while that I will be staying in one place. There are so many people I have grown close to that we are teaching and families, it would have been so hard to leave them.

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