Sunday, January 3, 2016

33 - New year

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At the of this 2015 year, although I am sure that this new year won't feel that much different from this year with being a missionary. Almost every day seems to be a repeat of the days before.

I had a fun Christmas day, the oddest one ever. McDonald's breakfast since everywhere else was packed or closed in our area. Watched a bit of The Work and the Glory movie before
Skyping my family. We had 100% phillipino food for Christmas dinner, my favorite was adobo chicken because this kind smelled and tasted sort of like wassle chicken, but it was really good! (I may have to find the recipe for that one.)

Many people were busy with family and away, but we had saw miracles nonetheless with those we talked to and shared Christmas carols with. Many people were softened with us being the first people to EVER carol to them. We met some hopeful investigators that way and are beginning to teach them now. They aren't looking to convert as usual, but they will let us in, meaning it isn't a lost cause. Many even referred us to friends and neighbors. Sometimes we caroled to a door, but other times they let us in. Many, as soon as they realized we were LDS, let us out just as fast, but some took time out to listen. It was amazing!

The day after Christmas was interesting with my companions needing to go to an STL meeting, so I was with another set of sisters and a member. It was fun, though. People WE'RE NOT HAPPY to hear about Christ, Christmas, had time to watch a 2 minute video, or wanted to hear a message of peace or hope. Too busy returning the gifts that made them unhappy that they had to let us and the whole world know. Besides that they were too busy to see anyone in the world, or drank too much and were sleeping the day off. How sad that the spirit of Christmas is utterly killed the moment it turns 12 on Christmas night.

We had more lessons with Aarti and Diya her daughter. Aarti wasn't able to come to church, because of patients she had to take care of at some hospitals since she is the head nurse. she told us how hard life is being single with two ex husbands who left her days after marriage and wanted only the green card or her money and house. She is so prepared, she didn't quite understand the Bible at first, but slowly does more and more each time. She had a very hard time getting up and going to work on Sunday or doing anything, but we promised her that if she would read a little more each day in the book of Mormon, it would give her the strength and energy to get through her day. Later, she was full of energy and got more than she thought she could ever accomplish and she told us it was because she read a page of the book of Mormon. She knows that helped her like we had told her, and she feels so much peace and comfort every time she does and when we see her! She especially loved The Restoration movie because it answered a question she had in mind but never asked us before she showed it. It's truly amazing to see how investigators gain a testimony of what we show and tell them that we saw in our lives as well.

Dianna came to church finally this week. We sat down with her and tried to lovingly get down to the core problem of why she wasn't coming. We also said things to her that was in line with the Spirit's direction and something in what we said got her to decide for herself to come. It was so good! I hope she keeps it up despite all the roadblocks and hurdles.

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