Monday, January 4, 2016

34 - Finding the fold

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
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It's a new year, and my birthday went real well. Very busy at the Australian Outback restaurant.

We have been finding like crazy this week. Each day we seem to find 2 or more people accepting Book of Mormon copies. Some more excited about reading it than others. We have been extra fortunate to get not only 1 person but parts of families and whole families being taught. I can't tell you how many times we have redone the restoration lesson so that everyone is mostly caught up to speed... and the restoration movie as well.

Aarti and Diya went on a church tour and it went real well. They loved the artwork everywhere in our building, and the spirit they felt in the building, especially the chapel.

The Dalaguits sons are real excited to learn more, even more so than their mother and less active father. Hopefully this will unite the family more and help their mother come closer to baptism and all the blessings awaiting after. Their boys are so neat!

Tiffany fell off the face of the planet then we found her again and have been going over the restoration video this time, emphasizing the priesthood to help her come closer to a baptismal date that she can meet.

Many lessons with various members to get to know them, less actives, and more. It's been quite the busy week with little time to spare.

The miracle of this week is finding Jose. I picked the night before a street that I noticed had no potentials on it, so on my birthday we went by and found out the day before many elders went by on the zone wide blitz to help boost the work in each area. Jose's family had previously slammed the door on us multiple times, but he hadn't seen or heard about us and was excited to talk with us, accepted a Book of Mormon and pamphlet. At first he didn't know anything about us, then as we talked, he remembered that a relative of his was a member and on a mission. After that he steadily became more interested. He wants this year to grow closer to God, so we will be helping him attain that goal for the new year. Hopefully his wife and daughter may through him sit in and learn as well. We shall see, anything is possible with prayer and our message softening hearts.

Lots of silly challenges to contact creatively, or for us missionaries, being an awkward subject by nature and often taken strangely odd for a religious belief turned into a powerful message that helps people want to learn more. Like Chastity being made for the uniting of a couple and family and holding family, trust, loyalty, and more at its center than the world does around us at this day. The saying is true, it's how you present things that make the world of a difference.

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