Monday, January 18, 2016

36 - Scriptures and Prayer

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Things have been going along very well. No service due to emergency mini exchange with some other sisters, but we still got to have Tressa or Naomi for almost all day some days to work with us so we could cover more lessons and find more.

We got to meet Eddie, a Filipino elderly gentlemen who lost his wife and parents to cancer and old age 2 to 5 years ago. he lives with his black pit-bull and was most interested in how he can see his wife and family again one day in heaven (Celestial Kingdom). He loved the plan of salvation lesson and was thrilled at the thought of him seeing them all again and that life isn't the end. He even came to the first two hours of church and loved looking at all the photos of Christ in our church building.

The Cronejos all came to church, minus the father and son at baseball practice. They only stayed for the sacrament meeting, but they loved the talks and being able to have the sacrament.

Aisha and Ashley were on the lesson a few days earlier and Sister Nau came with us that day, and it was such a blessing since if it weren't for her, the mom and them wouldn't have gone to church most likely. They had met each other last year and it was so neat to see them reunited after whatever memorable time they had. Aisha is so excited to learn more and read more, I hope they all get to be baptized sooner than latter.

Sirus is so cool. We brought Marcus with us and they found out they had a similar friend and bonded almost immediately. They both love basketball, too! We went over some scriptures on baptism, and he opened up on how he had already had thoughts of being re-baptized for things he regretted in his past. He also said he picked time for our lesson over partying with some friends and other things that are losing him friends, but he said he knows it's the right path to take. He also is in the band for his church and looks forward to working with the youth in his church as well. I hope that he can come to our church some time. I know it would be a huge sacrifice for him, but it would be worth it.

Aarti and Diya are progressing along quite well. They are more and more interested in what we had to say and Aarti was excited to come to Relief Society and church to learn more on how to be a better mother and person.

The Dalaguits came and loved coming to church as a whole family. We didn't have a chance to have a lesson this week other than with AJ, but they are really enjoying the lessons as a whole.

We met with Rick again, and he asked us if there was a sin too unpardonable because he did things that he deeply regretted and felt like he could not be forgiven. He cheered up a bit when we taught about Christ's atonement and how even Alma the Younger told his son about how he had felt so much sorrow for the damage he caused before he was truly converted and obedient to what God had intended for him to do. He said he felt like he felt the bitter pains awaiting the dammed soul for bringing so many souls to disbelief in what the church and his father taught, then through Christ's atonement he was able to remember and feel those pains no more and felt the wonderful joys after. I know that no matter what, if we repent and use Christ's atonement and be baptized, we won't have to feel the pains of our mistakes anymore. The hard part is keeping up on the repentance and continuing onward in good deeds. Rick goes into Surgery soon for his left leg that after his Motorcycle accident years ago fused his bones together at the knee and now they are working on making him a new knee so he can hopefully walk one day on that and a prosthetic leg for the one he lost. It's amazing what science has come to these days and is such a blessing form God to learn continually and refine heath care so we can be happy living life more naturally.

Something I loved from one of the talks this Sunday was on what successful people all have in common. It was given at a convention/seminar for business people, many were millionaires in attendance or contributing with courses.

They said almost all have these two things in common:
1 They give thanks for all they have.
2 They take time each day to read something positive.

The speaker than said how he was stunned, the very thing that he was basically taught in seminary, church, home, and more was reading scriptures (positive material) and praying (giving thanks) was what would make him successful.

Scriptures and prayer not only heal us when we are sad or hurt, give us guidance and direction when lost, but it also helps us to be happy and successful in life. (And it's a commandment from God for our good. )

Not much in the way of finding this week, but many pass offs to other missionaries to further the work.

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