Monday, August 29, 2016

68 - Beaches (without Bette Midler)

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

This week has been trying but better than last week. We got in 4 lessons with Ken alone, mostly on a bench by the beach since it was just across the street. Got cold we found out after dinner times. One would not expect it to be cold, but it does by the ocean. Lessons learned.... He also went to a Baptism going on in our zone, and he was thrilled to finally see one and get a feel of what it really is. He loved the experience, and now he wants to be baptized, just unsure of when. We have over half the lessons done since he will be going off to college in a few months and will be hopefully getting into a firefighting program. He really wants to do that and has been asking questions on how he would be able to go to church still considering the vocation he wants and stuff like that. He is so prepared, it is amazing.

We also got to help out with sea cliffs with Pokeno. The ladies there gave us trouble for not coming as often as we used to be allowed and for us being so busy we couldn't come on a certain day anymore. Along with that we helped a member with putting together signs in the overflow about the history of the HB stake year by year from the past 50 years. Took a while with just three hands so she was grateful for the help and we went to MOD Pizza place for lunch as a thank you. So much has changed in 50 years, back then there was a warehouse they used to meet in called the "tin can shack." Then they were in the recreation center for elderly and had to sweep up beer bottles and cigarette butts before sacrament each Sunday. Hearing that makes me so grateful we have buildings to meet in of our own and we don't have to do that anymore. Quite beautiful, too! To save up money for the first building of their own, members sold their second cars, fasted and prayed often, gave generously to building funds, put on fundraisers, and even took out loans to help.

Miracle of the week: We stopped by Anthony again for fun, and although he was feeling a little under the weather, he wanted to hear from us. Normally he would dominate the discussion and let us know why he disagreed with our church and its policy's on missionary work and so forth, he listened. He also missed us coming by since this whole transfer. We didn't try by since we figured we could talk to many other people who would actually listen. We taught the plan of salvation because he probably has heard that one a million times before. His wife and daughter even came by with a friend at one point, so we restarted in 2 more times so everyone was on the same page. They had many great questions and seemed to enjoy the lesson. We used many scriptures from both the Bible and Book of Mormon, and by the end they wanted us to come by next time and talk about where The Book of Mormon came from and why, aka restoration. His daughter's friend even asked for a copy and might come next time to hear us. SO COOL!

If at first you don't make any progress, try something they might accept and go forward with faith that God will soften their hearts to accept the other lessons latter on!

Lots more lessons this last week which made things go by so much better and faster, hopefully this week will be similar.

I also found out I am staying with Sister Painchaud so this should be good and interesting.

Went near dog beach (since it is in our area) and took pictures of the "sea rats" nearby.

Picture of the piano at Lee Peterson's place they are remodeling. I thought it was neat!

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