Monday, August 22, 2016

67 - Making a difference

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

This week was SLOW, very slow due to almost all of our appointments cancelling, a few people dropped us, and other small disappointments. Lots of the people left on our list we found out are do not contacts and or ignore us, so that made for an unpleasant week. At least some of the people were nice, one flat out bashed us.... Go figure, a member on top of that. We hope things don't fall through this week, don't know if I could deal with another week like that one again.

Miracle of the week: I got to see someone today near the beach who the elders taught in HBN almost a year ago. He is still investigating, thankfully he is still out of jail and out of trouble for 2 years now. He was so used to prison life, he didn't know where to begin to live a regular normal life. (One would think they would have programs or something to help them around here.) One day he met another church leader who told him he had great potential, and that comment of self worth was the first he could ever remeber getting in his life for a long long time. That jump started him to want to change, be baptized (in another church more than a year ago) and help others change for the better who are in similar cituations. I wish him luck!

Today we went with Stella on an outing by the PCH (pacific coast highway (shopping center)) that we planned for awhile. Mostly window shopping, but at least Sister Painchaud and her had lots of fun. I think I enjoyed the meal the most. (Not a real fan of the current styles of clothing or prices for that matter.) Saw lots of California shirt shops, make your own T-shirt design shops, and surf shops. (Lots of Pokémon Go inspired shirts on display as well, kind of interesting to see.)

One thing I noticed is the overall message that kept coming up when we did scripture thoughts or at church was about even if you don't think you are doing the best work, or even making a difference, YOU ARE. You are doing what God needs you to do if you are being obedient, having faith, and working hard (in missionary terms that is). It has been discouraging, but we are working hard. We may not have lessons to show for it, but we are still doing what God needs us to be doing.

Another great miracle:
We did get to give out our first Book of Mormon for this transfer. Ever since President Patterson put in the no knocking rule, we haven't had any luck with teaching or finding, but one man near the end of the night from out of state was looking at his phone, and we talked for awhile. We shared about the Book of Mormon the usual way when out of the blue I felt prompted to ask him if he had at any point in his life feelings of guilt or regret he wished he could get rid of. I shared about Christ and repentance, and how the Book of Mormon helped me with that journey of using Christ's atonement to heal mistakes in my past and let me move on with my life with leaving my guilt and regrets and sins behind. (Granted that doesn't take away any consequences, but at least you feel better and can do better afterwards). We then gave him a copy and he accepted it then had to get back to work. He would be there away from home and family on a job working power lines for a month, but I hope it can help him become a better person and father and more.

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