Monday, July 4, 2016

60 - Merry Independence Day! New mission president?!

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

Happy Fourth of July! Things are going pretty well this day, strange to only see poppers and sparklers only at stands and stores for fireworks...... and the only things we see and hear and are bought are the BIG illegal Arial fireworks. So ironic! Here in Buena park you only hear a few every now and again, in Norwalk and Artisia there were TONS night and day going off, it was almost like clockwork every hour. I got more sleep at least, I just miss the barrage when we have to go home and they are going off everywhere. Other than that, it has been nice and overcast so even if we had to work today, it would be cool and tolerable.

President Tew went home this week and President and Sister Patterson and their four kids came. We were lucky to meet them the day they came because of exchanges and the STL's were going on splits with Sister Patterson. They seem energetic and thrilled to start learning and doing work in the mission. Their kids, however, tired and homesick for Utah. I don't blame them to feel that way.

We got to help sort clothing at the Giving Heart store. They accept donations of clothing
 and other items to sell for a good cause. My companions found some awful old puffy Olympic jackets from the 90's and they asked to buy them so they could wear them today in spirit of the USA festivities. I was happy just to sort clothing and hang them up and tag them with the tagging gun. Probably one of my most fun service activities ever oddly enough.

We also finally made some headway in our area and found a few new people to teach and sadly had to clean out our teaching pool since many disappeared off the planet it seems. Oh well.

Miracle of the week, we were about to call it quits on getting in contact with someone, when we saw another person named Chris we lost contact with due to vacations. We found out later that the time they came to church was when they decided to become Christian, before that he was atheist. He said it was so much fun and enjoyed the activities he went to during the week after that and wants to come again. Hopefully we can continue to meet with him and others like him. You never know the impact of sharing the gospel to others, even if you don't think they care.

Amelia came to church, it was her birthday and she wanted to see me and bear her testimony of her conversion and love of Christ and the joy she found in her life that increased because of being baptized. She walked for 5-6 hours and traveled 15 miles on her own to be at church at 9am. She shared how the promise in Isaiah 40:31 helped her when she had hard times and will continue to have hard times and not give up. I was so happy to see her, especially that she would do all this on her special day! I was also happy to see so many members of our ward offer to drive her home so she could get home in reasonable time and enjoy the rest of her day.

We also got to teach so many lessons with our recent converts, less actives, and even Cindy who will be interviewed for baptism Soon.. She is so thrilled to move on in her life and find joy once again through Christ.

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