Monday, June 27, 2016

59 - Smoothies

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

We are finally moved into our new (old for me) apartment. Took forever, but we got that done. We also on Sunday had 5 lessons, the most we have had for the entire day out of this transfer, out of the week, or even at all. It has been most discouraging to have to move one's apartment, shuffle beds around (we had the bunk bed and no one wanted to be on it and it was needed elsewhere in the mission. Our apartment is just big enough for us to fit three beds in nice enough in). Made contact with lots of investigators, and at the very least met most of the less actives we teach. (Sister Montague approves of our teaching pool, she is so funny.)

Not much to report on since almost our entire week was family history lessons once again and moving, but we did help out with the St Irenaeus catholic Church's 52nd annual Fiesta (Olympiad theme this year) carnival. We were working in the Smoothie booth with two ladies and had a blast. It was especially fun since every time they had to clean out the blenders when there was a lull in a particular flavor combination and someone wanted a special one they had to empty it of it's contents. When that happened we got the extra's. I ate almost 3 smoothies, definitely was hydrated and had my fruit and dairy intake for the day! It was lots of fun just to talk with them and every now and again they would ask about our mission life and what we do without getting into doctrines or anything. it was fun! Unfortunately we could go only that one day due to family history lessons and other things going on at the same time, but I am glad we could help out that day. We also sang at the Anaheim crest nursing center to new people who recently came this last week and played lots of Uno with the residents at park Anaheim. Lately they have wanted to play Uno more than do art's and crafts, but that could change next week with the usual residents coming once again.

Our miracle of the week is that we were able to see Aarti again. When we first came, she had a bad headache, but she still wanted us to come share a lesson briefly with her. She even put some calls on hold that were important, because she knew what we had to share was more important than a phone call or two. Afterwards, she said her headache went away and said she would love us to come again and talk more with her. So good to see her again.

This week our companionship is considering a reboot on the transfer since the last three weeks has been madness. Hopefully we can get more things done in our area's and see more people.

Sister Bedford's birthday is today! Went to Ferrell's earlier to celebrate.

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