Tuesday, July 19, 2016

62 - 9 months

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

The time has come for transfers once again. This time I wasn't so lucky and will be moving on to Huntington beach stake in the Seapoint Ward. I was hoping to stay one more transfer, but that isn't what God needs me to do. I will miss everyone here in Buena Park, but I guess 9 months is a long time and half my mission was here. Every now and again ward members would joke around saying how they should adopt me since I have been here so long, or that they should go to me to know where the best place is to live at here, or even that I have become part of the ward. So funny how that works.

We went around teaching and visiting people yesterday to say goodbye and practice for the 15 minute lessons that my whole mission has aspired to do.... but didn't since we had too many requests from members and investigators alike to see them one last time. I guess if you really need to, one can truly do anything. We even had members out with us which is even better! Today will be much the same.

Sister Bedford will be staying and training a new missionary, Sister Montague is going to Huntington Beach North stake, and I will be white washing an Elders area... as usual. Back to Cleaning up old dirty apartments and more for me tomorrow! My companion is from Canada, Sister Painchaud, and she is new so I will be follow-up training/second hand training? Still confused whether she is trained all the way or if I will be finishing up my training with her. Most likely follow up training. Lately there has been lots of confusion over companions, districts, and more so I don't know really what is going on until it's come already.

Pretty much the standard week for the most part lately, same people and everything.

We saw Sister Maccay along with Zoie and Destiny one last time which was great since we weren't able to see them anytime this last transfer due to scheduling and phone troubles. That made my week! I was worried I wouldn't be able to see them again.

Miracle of the week was when we taught Chris, we saw Steven who before would bash on us, but this time he asked questions and even listened to us. He told us he wasn't ready to change, but he had a desire to someday. Long ago he felt the Spirit's influence, and it was so strong that he wanted so badly to have it again. He said it was stronger than any drink, drug, or joy he knew of before that time, and he had wondered if he would ever feel it again. We gave him 1 page from the book of Mormon to read and promised him he would feel the spirit when he read it sincerely and prayed. I wish I could know what happens with him and everyone else I met and taught, but I need to go where I am needed.

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