Monday, June 13, 2016

57 - People can change eventually

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
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This week has been crazy busy with Sister Hinckley and I having to meet up almost every day to put together the training for the mission on family history. Why they split Sister Hinckley and I is beyond me. We all are wondering and scratching our heads.

During the week Sister Price went home unexpectedly so Sister Bedford is our temporary companion until further notice. Good thing with that is that we are in the same ward so it makes life so much easier. What is hard is that we have to share areas and so the amount of teaching in our area is much smaller than usual and on top of that we had and will have more service so things are going to be crammed for time. For now things are OK, but a bit up in the air.

The service we did that was fun was helping a less active move into his apartment/car garage workshop. We were so confused getting there since it is in the business district in our ward, then they explained he would be living above the garage in a nice loft space. We moved several 300 LBS car engines, metal presses, furniture, fish tanks, and other appliances out of a big truck that took 8 days for elders in another zone to pack and 3 hours to unload for our whole zone helping out. It was also fun since his father who is in Whittier stake was there with a fork lift to assist in moving the heavier objects around. Definitely the most greasy and fun service for moving thus far!

Other than that, I had meetings, driving around the mission, singing service at Anaheim Crest Nursing Center and arts and crafts/UNO game day at Park Anaheim as usual the whole week..... and helping Sister Bedford move into our apartment until further notice.

We did however teach a few lessons and found some new investigators and even a former I met almost 8 months ago who said we can come back. Last time was another story.... Goes to show that people can have a change of heart, especially when they listen to us for a moment and understand what it is that we share or offer to help them with.

Not much else to report though, but it has been an interesting week!

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