Wednesday, September 2, 2015

16 - One more clean apartment

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

Temple day! We were trying to go to the 7:00 Session, but missed it by a few minutes due to traffic. Good Grief it takes forever to go to the temple here, Utah its 15 minutes from my hours not just to 1 temple but 2, even longer to 3 or 4. Here its almost 2 hours to get to just 1. Sister Frosty was so kind to drive us there. Most missionaries went to the 5:30 session, so we were all alone this time as far as missionaries go. Sister Frosty doesn't go by herself so it was nice for her too, just wish it weren't so early to skip 4 hour long trip traffic. While waiting we did some initiatories. Normally we don't do that because of time, and that's not really why we go in the first place, but this time we didn't have any other option. Sister Frosty just read in the bible and got through 8 chapters. It worked out well in the end and was good! We may even look around Little India again latter today since it's Tuesday and stores are open! so exciting!

This week we FINALLY got our apartment in proper order, clean, desk set up (with exception to my papers filed away and stuff like that), and its been somewhat cooler this week end so that was a blessing. Sister Paw wasn't feeling to good so while she took a nap (she gets permission for that once a day as needed). I did some tender love and weeding of the Area Book, potential sheet mostly. Almost all the Spanish potentials are out, corrections, duplicates, and summaries done. So many duplicates that one can loose their mind. Our book is looking real good and proper, and they are done by street and area so we can find the ones we need for backups so we never have to say, "Now what do we do?" when all plans fall through. So happy! took forever though.

We finally met up with Luis and will try to continue with him and possibly his friend who is a girl. We shall see, if we can get her support, then we may even get two people, which would be amazing! He is still ever faithful about reading the Book of Mormon even when we didn't see him for a couple weeks and keeps trying to ask others to read it too! So wonderful, I just hope we don't loose him, he is so good.

Amelia is going strong, struggling with coffee every few days (she does it for energy due to 24/7 care taking). I hope we can help her quit, other than that she won't drink champagne anymore and gave away all that she did have and refuses any she has been offered. Way to go for her, we are so proud.

Met a few more potential strong investigators. School started, so we have lots more people to meet and have lessons with and service opportunities too! Who would have thought how much school impacts our lessons and service to others.

Pony petting zoo cancelled, but we did get to an hour in advance help Sister Becker organize some trunks full of things and donate some stuff she didn't need (got some free organizers to use. HURRAY, it was much needed and wanted including skirt hangers, answer to a prayer there.)  And got to set up a wall phone that was at one time a desk phone and convert it over (it was a puzzle to do that with out the instructions, but it was fun because I love puzzles) and install it on her wall in her garage. Her old one was broken, falling apart, and nonfunctional. Best yet was she was going to get rid of it because she had no space for a large desk one, so it cost her nothing. 

I am doing well. Things are coming into order and with our books in almost top shape. We now know where to focus on and how to do it so things between Sister Paw and I. We are getting along much better than before. We also talk a lot more with each other and have been enjoying our journey through this interesting transfer. I am going to make it a goal for me personally after this area book project is over, to learn one new skill or talent. Here I go!

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