Monday, August 24, 2015

15 - Fields of white

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

I do have exciting news this week: we worked on a big service project that the Elders Quorum and High Priests put on, I was happily surprised when it actually when through, and even more so on the even bigger turnout of people and things they were doing for Sister Bosie's home. She will be getting a new floor with tile so it will be easy to clean and maintain, new cabinets in the kitchen and counter top, and her walls scrubbed clean and roaches evicted from those rooms as far as we can help it. Sister Paw and I came in after they hauled off most of the kitchen and flooring and helped with the vacuuming up left over dust and flooring around the walls, scrubbing clean the walls in the rooms, and any furniture that had cobwebs on them. It was looking so much better after we left, I can't wait to see it once we are all finished and done two weeks from now with the new floor in! We couldn't stay till 8pm like everyone else, but we did what we could. By the end of the day she had a temporary counter top in and running working water in her faucet and sink (which they got a new working one for her too!) I am so glad everyone pitched in so she could get this. She has been without water working from her tap for years,  and no plumbing to speak of either, it was so corroded. Finally the 5 or so layers of uneven and breaking flooring was removed so she can scoot herself in her wheelchair around her own home. SO EXCITING! She has been living in faith and hope this whole time, she deserved this after all that she has been through. Best yet was that everyone had such a humble and uplifted outlook from the service and noted how serving her was more fulfilling than anything they had previously planned for the day. The children even helped too with what they could help with, mostly dustpan duty and keeping Sister Bosie entertained while we were hard at work. It must have been overwhelming for her to see her home that is so beloved be torn apart and changed, but it honestly needed to happen, for her safety and the home's livability.

We met with James again, and he told us of how his foster parents would ban him from meeting with the missionaries, so he would sneak out and take lessons and go to church until they died recently. He had such a happy look in his eye and felt the spirit so strongly when he had the restoration lesson, he even proudly showed his new Book of Mormon that other elders gave him since his other copy was completely worn out from use. I wonder if he was already baptized or not. Either way he definitely has a testimony of Christ, Joseph smith, and of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints for sure.

Amelia went through the baptism questions with us so she wouldn't be surprised about anything when she does get her interview. She is truly ready to be baptized and is excited for the 20th. She gets her citizenship interview on the 16th, so that is exciting too!

Luis sadly hasn't been keeping appointments, so our next visit may be our last, but I won't give up on him until then.

Dp moved, so we wish the best of luck with him.

The Castro family went to the family History center with us for the first time. They were overwhelmed a bit by the resident family historian GURU, but he did teach them ALL they needed to know about family search and how to do everything there was. next time we will try and go over things again much slower and practice with Sister Castro when she gets more names, dates, and possibly pictures/stories to post on there too! Sister Castro was so excited to possibly do work for some relatives that she has had on her mind for a while, so she definitely loved the experience, overwhelming, but spiritual. I hope to do much more with her soon and Sister Paw as well. Its been hard for her since there isn't much she can do weather she likes it or not, but she can always learn so she can help others when we get more people in.

We visited with many less actives this week, read scriptures with them and got to know them. This week we got loads of less active referrals so this week we have lots of work to do, possibly a part member family to teach the gospel to their husband who previously was overwhelmed by the visits by missionaries in the past who we hope will be willing to give it another go with more space to grow and learn, but still help him stay on course and in communication with him during the week.

Sister Paw is doing better after seeing more of how this ward are done by the times she asked about what we can do and talking with our ward mission leader. It has been so hard and discouraging for her coming from a thriving, flourishing, bible bashing area, to a desert of a teaching pool, half white washing in for the both of us, areas we have teaching restrictions on, and many more frustrating circumstances beyond our control. I like to think of it as how the pioneers first felt after going across the plains and their first impressions when they arrived in the valley in Utah, WHY here, its barren and dead. Thankfully now we see their efforts in the barren wilderness as a thriving, beautiful valley, with more protection and resources than they ever imagined.

The field is white, already to harvest here. It truly is white, we just have to think outside the box here to be able to harvest it, that will take time for us to get used to, but it is doable, and the potential of this area is nothing short of a miracle! Sister George and I saw it, and so can Sister Paw, she is just a bit slow to see that right now. I just have to be patient in the mean time and continue with faith.

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