Monday, September 21, 2015

19 - Amelia's baptism, a marriage and area #2!

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

Got word that I will be transferred to Huntington beach north stake, Ocean View Ward. Should be interesting!

Spent the last couple days deep cleaning and prepping the area books for them to take over. Sadly, our appeal to president about how to split the ward for safety didn't work out after all. I imagine if we had more investigators we would split the ward since this ward disparately needs Sisters here, but that's how life goes. 

AMELIA WAS BAPTIZED! Such a nice evening. We had the youth sing, and Brother Matthews played the piano so beautifully that it was like being at the symphony, he was so good! Amelia felt the spirit so strongly, and so did everyone else. Half the ward came and even Sister Tew (who had to leave part way because of the departure fireside), the Wassmers, and the Elders from the zone, too! Even more impressive was that the zone leaders came. They could have gone to the farewell departure fireside, but they came to support us and Amelia instead and brought their investigators too! I did a talk on the spirit, and Sister Paw did the one on baptism, so it was amazing!

Other than that, not much to be honest, lots of cancelled appointments all week long and many MANY interviews for Amelia and a few mishaps with our scheduling with that. That's how life goes though. It all worked out in the end so its all good!

Angel Becker and Jeff Enomoto got married on Saturday, and we got summoned over for the after part to help consume some leftover sandwiches for our dinner (they found a way to get us over; I knew she would come up with some way to get us in and still be 100% within the mission rules).

Sorry for the short letter, honestly not much has happened this week. Just lots of no people home and cancelled appointments, and TONS OF TRAININGS. I have sat down enough this week, I want to get out and walk. And lots of hitting the books to clean up the area book. Our zone leaders were impressed about how well we turned around the books, maps, and apartment. The Elders after us are very particular about cleanliness so they will be so happy. I just hope my new area is the same. They did a training about it on Saturday, big time. Its been an ongoing issue, so hopefully things will get better now on. Time will tell.

Things are much better between Sister Paw and I, and we are enjoying the fruits of our hard work, apartment and book wise. 

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