Tuesday, September 20, 2016

71 - Turning hearts to the children

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

This week was mostly going through more of the ward list to find people who moved out or people we can teach. We have been short on lessons this week especially since people are getting back into school and kids are keeping their parents busy. Yep that time of year.... Worse than the summer for us for teaching, but that is OK.

Miracle of the week was we were on our way to a potential when we talked to some people smoking on their doorstep. We talked for awhile and they weren't interested, but they knew someone who had been taught by us before and gave us her address and name to go visit her. we were confused since we are the only ones in our area and they were currently being taught so we went over to meet her. Come to find out they confused us for Jehovah witnesses, and they invited us right in thinking we were them. They still were happy to learn from us a little sine they didn't have much time today, her name was Goldie and she told us she just likes the JW's over for bible studies one day a week to learn and be closer to god and honestly had no desire to join them.

Afterwards she still wants to have bible studies with them for awhile longer then she will contact us in the future (hopefully sooner than latter) and we will have studies with her as well. I just hope that when the people who do the studies with her come again, they won't spread nasty lies or anything... I hate it when people we teach get fed lots of lies and get caught up in "religious warfare".... I try real hard not to say anything bad about other faiths or at all, since I would expect the same respect in return. Sadly the world we live in doesn't follow the same chivalry..... especially around here.

My rule of thumb for life is, DON'T spread things about others you don't know about if YOU don't attend or participate in it. For all you know, you could have been told something contrary to the truth and will spread those bad lies around. If you are searching for information about some group or person, ask the source, NOT THE INTERNET OR OTHER PEOPLE UNAFFILIATED WITH THEM.

Off my soap box now....

Other than that, everything is moving along fairly well with people we are teaching. Weather is dropping in the temperatures in the morning and night, day is still mildly hot for the most part, so we bring a sweater in the morning, leave it in the car during the day, then take a coat or jacket near the night. Unless we are by the beach...it gets 10+ degrees colder there, crazy how that works... 1 mile inland is so different in temperature.

We had a primary program this Sunday, first for my mission. It's interesting how if they speak and sing for sacrament meeting, it is much quieter. No ruffling bags of crackers constantly making noise, kids flipping crayons around the pews, kids occasionally escaping into the hallway, and so forth... the usual. Not only that but they sat mostly still, and even better was all the adults were wide awake and listening intently to them talk their short lines or testimonies.... My analysis is they should do this more often. I especially love the pure testimonies that don't start with... I was asked to talk on (insert subject here) or how they were cornered in the hallway and asked to cover for someone or give a talk... or any other slew of time wasting openers. THEY GAVE TRUE TESTIMONIES OF WHAT THEY KNOW TO BE TRUE. That was so amazing and brought the spirit into the meeting and into our hearts so well, I really enjoyed this sacrament meeting this week. Adults, take note from the primary. SERIOUSLY.

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