Monday, April 25, 2016

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We got the two new pamphlets!!!! Temples and family history and the teaching and serving in the church one. They are a little larger than the usual ones we have now, but they are full of amazing pictures and quotes. I love it! We are currently in our mission the only missionaries that have them! They will be introduced to the mission soon, but since we are over family history, we got a sneak peak, not even the AP's got to see them before us. Pretty neat! We hope to use them to supplement the family history and temple lessons soon and help missionaries use them in their lessons regularly and FULLY.

We got to meet quite a few wonderful people who just got baptized this week while doing the lesson with them. Some even had family who were effected by the earthquakes in South/Central America and still managed to pull through with no immediate extended family hurt. It brought the topic of "families are forever" real home that time, and the comfort that even if they did die, they still would see one another again.

The miracle of the week was seeing Catherine and Tony her boyfriend at their home while knocking the complex and while we only were able to stay for a few minutes, we got to talk about how church went, and Tony was excited to hear that next time he could ask questions and contribute to the lessons in Gospel Principles class all he liked. We also talked about the similarities and differences of times during Christ's time and now days and the teachings being taught. Sounds encouraging that he will continue to show interest towards learning. I also hope to see Robyn again, I miss seeing her.

We did a service project this Saturday for the Cypress/Buena Park service day. We helped clean up the Cypress Nature Park (flood water land). We filled an entire 40ft dumpster and still had bags lining a fourth of the park. It was lots of fun working alongside other members of the stake we never usually meet. Despite the efforts we took passing out hundreds of flyers in the community, no one outside our skate showed up to help. I did hear a couple did for the other projects, but not much. More fun for us!

We also helped Sister Matsen with cleaning and organizing one of her bedrooms. We hope to help her once again next week. Because of that we missed out on a next project at a local rest home to sing to the residents, but there is always next time. It is so neat that we now are getting more regular community projects to help with. This zone in notorious for having barely any projects to help out with.

Transfers are this week. Surprisingly we are staying in the ward and together. I thought for sure they would at the very least assign us to the other ward since sisters were taken out.

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