Monday, April 18, 2016

49 - Greater unity and pizza

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

Things are going much better this week with Sister Hinckley and I. Still have some trouble every now and again, but with so many people we have been tracting/teaching, so we now have more possible lessons to keep us busy. Still haven't broken the barrier of more than 4 family history lessons in a week. Work in progress. One funny yet unfortunate thing is we WERE going to break that record, then just as we were going to scarf down a pizza dinner a member gave us in the church parking lot, we accidentally between us two managed to lock ourselves out of our car. The Spanish Anaheim sister missionaries came also for their dinner since it is closer than their apartment. We shared stories and kept one another company during their dinner hour at least while we waited for our spare key to arrive. Thankfully the STL's were closer to the office so they were a big help.

We met quite a few people this week, some promising, other we shall see. 

Miracle 1: We met Michael (a new one) and had Sister Nau come with us. He was the first person I ever met that actually took time to look at our website that we gave him from the card. He is a special ed teacher for middle school/elementary school children and loves the kids he works with. So many of them come from homes that never show love and only feel like love or kindness is a weakness. His role is to help them see that there is another way to life, despite what they go back to at home and to be good people to themselves and others on top of his special Ed students. Sadly, because of testing, we won't see him for another month, but after that he would love to learn more. Not committing to anything, but wants to read as much as possible of The Book of Mormon we gave him in the meantime till then. We are excited, and hopefully we will still be here when that time comes. Sister Nau's son also works the same job so they had quite a lot in common to talk about and how our message would help him so much with those students, himself, and others around him. How neat to have members come with us that work out perfectly.

Miracle 2: We met Alma (Mom) when we came to a complex we had trouble getting into. No potentials or anyone were in there, making access almost impossible. We felt impressed to go there and walked to a specific area near the back and saw a little girl playing and went to her and asked for her mom. That's when we met Alma and her mom who used to be taught by missionaries years ago. She said she missed us coming and wanted us to come back and teach her and her kids. The best part is when we looked at our schedule. That place wasn't in the plans at all, yet we could have sworn we read in in our plans.

We have been teaching Vianniy and her daughter this week more. We even had Sister Spencer come and she helped SO MUCH, especially since we aren't mothers yet or older with experience, or very knowledgeable about catholic belief. She was able to connect with her and explain things to her that made the connection and so much more sense and hopefully helped her find ways to come closer to those in her family who are very devout Catholic and her own journey towards God.

Tessa Davis is going on her mission now to new Hampshire. We will miss her.

Its been a good week all in all. No one at church yet, but it's a work in progress.

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