Monday, November 21, 2016

79 - 79 is an odd number to end with. Last day!

Last day.... Feels strange, but I'm doing alright. I got to see almost everyone and get most of everyone's pictures of who I wanted, so I'm happy. Usually I don't get that luxury, but since I didn't meet many people in one transfer, it made it easier. I am satisfied how my mission has been.

We worked on trying to find. My companion at least did while on exchanges for my departure trip to the temple.

During the week we tried to teach, we were blessed with lots of less actives that we taught, again with unexpected ways of blessings. Lots of them I will miss so much! Some we visited even got close to crying because they would miss me visiting them every week. You know you impacted a person's life when that happens. I know I did my job right this transfer despite discouragements. God just needed me to help the less actives in this area more than any other work, and of course the Baker family with their spiritual journey.

Miracle of the week: My departure temple trip.
  Unfortunately, we were the last van to leave, so we got stuck in traffic behind 3 accidents (no worries, it was way far ahead of us). We joked that we could get on bikes and bike to the temple faster then driving. Mostly true for half the trip....  Sadly, we missed the session and ended up walking the halls and enjoying the new paintings of Christ they had recently hung up all around the temple, and we got to see the baptismal font. Dead silent since youth and patrons don't go at that time due to school and work. I felt the spirit so strongly just observing the area. I had been through temples during open houses, but never have I been there in a similar way while dedicated. Such a difference, you can feel the spirit and sanctity of the work that is done there so strongly. I have a big place in my heart for the baptismal font, so that was special. We then did other work which was nice then waited in the celestial room while the session was going on. Very special unusual trip, so it was worth it. Blessings come in unexpected ways.

In the end I never got to teach them another lesson due to some surprise business trips, but I got to see most of their family at church each of those weeks! But I know the next sisters will do a good job, and Sister Dimmick is still here and YSA again! We lost 18 missionaries this transfer including me going home, so they have to combine area's again.

Things came and I am still loving it! Mission accomplished!

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