Monday, May 16, 2016

53 - Cute kids and gospel talk

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This week has been interesting because we had exchanges with the Woodruff sisters (stl's) since they took out the ones in Buena park. It was fun to meet all new people and help out with lessons. It reminded me of being in Cerritos with how many people there were to teach and how friendly everyone was for the most part. We met a few long term investigators and former's who told us that they needed that exact message and that God had sent us to them because of whatever citations they were having in their life at that moment. That is always neat to hear that even though I may not be a sister in that area, I still am able to be an instrument in God's purposes in touching other people's lives. I also met a few fun ladies who reminded me of my mom and some of her friends back home, they even asked me how I knew them since they said they swore they have met me before somehow. Interesting how that works sometimes where you felt like you seem to know someone who you have never met before.

The miracle of the week was that we met Christopher (Joshua's room mate's son; they have multiple families living there). He had to sit in on the lesson so we could have Brother Arbiso and us with Joshua inside the home to teach since it was dark outside with little seating available. She gladly sat in and even said he would come to church, which they did despite their car breaking down the day before. It was noisy with some kids in sacrament meeting, but they still felt the spirit and enjoyed the talks, and Christopher afterwards said we couldn't meet on Tuesday anymore (which we worried things had gone bad in young men's, but it had gone the opposite). On Tuesday they have young men's, and he loved it so much and bonded with Aj and AC and possibly other young men so much he wanted to join them, AND come to church the next week. It was interesting because he used to live in the Philippines for a few years, and so we figured we would have Aj and AC escort him to young men's class, and they must have had a blast speaking Tagalog together and discussing gospel topics. Aj and AC have become such great fellowshippers. It makes us so happy to see this, especially in such young new members! Joshua came with us and loved the classes and felt it was just what he needed. He too said he will come next week and will even bring his children this next Sunday since his ex wife has them this past weekend. How neat!

Tony and Catherine came also. I was so happy since they got new schedules at work, making it hard to stay awake to come to church. Tony loved the lessons we had, and Catherine looks so happy lately, such a difference than before. I hope they continue to learn and grow in the gospel.

We had 2 family history lessons this week, 1 in Spanish/English, which was fun. They made phone calls right there and added information about their ancestors and even found some already in the system that they added to their tree, it's always exciting when that happens. They were so thrilled to learn how to do it and add as much as possible. Their kids where so cute too and well behaved for their age. Every now and again they would pop in to say cute things and "hello."

The other was for a young man who LOVES science and has equations for everything in life. He gave us a fun space post card after the lesson as thanks. He was especially interested in temples and had it plastered on his phone and was waiting eagerly to learn how everything works and to be able to be baptized after three years of investigating with the help of his special lady friend as support. I haven't met an individual like him since I met Brother Grossnickle (an office missionary who loves deep gospel learning) and Jeremiah (someone from home).

Other than that we went door knocking and traveling around doing the usual services of singing for bed bound people and fun arts and crafts and park Anaheim. (This week was felt kites for decorating.)

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