Monday, December 7, 2015

30 - Very merry at Knott's Berry...Farm gift shop

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Things are going very well this week. DEBBIE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! Her family came too, except one son. She got a pretty dress to match her husband's light brown suit, and everything went real well. We got double booked for the font, somehow we all picked the EXACT same time to use the building as 3 other groups so we had to take turns..... and we thought we were avoiding everyone else. She also got confirmed the next day on Sunday and Mary was there too for her since she missed the baptism. It was her hope and dream to make it here despite all the initial opposition she received from family, and she hopes that by her example, her whole family will all join and get baptized too. She was glowing and so happy. One of her daughters even said afterwards that she seemed different and even smelled godly and like church. We all had a good time and we had refreshments made from a potluck of all the other events leftovers, ours and the other baptism going on that day.

Tiffany got a job and has been sick the last week so we haven't had a chance to see her much, but she still is determined to be baptized. The only thing in the way now is possibly work and her fear of water, but she is still stubbornly determined which is good.

We met Mario, a youth that lives a few houses down from Tiffany. He is a former who Sister Vandevelde and Skelton had to drop and give him some time. We went with Brother Dortheo's brother's son who is going to Hawaii on his mission in a couple months, so for now, he is going to lessons with us. They have become pretty good friends, and although he couldn't make this week to church, he said when we first saw him that he was wanting to come to Church again and take the lessons again as well. He said life was different without it and missed it. He has been taught for a LONG time, but slowly but surely making his way towards baptism.

Mary Lou is still interested in us visiting and having lessons. She has lots of questions still, but isn't quite ready to commit to a date to work towards for baptism, which is OK. She is so cute and funny. I like her a lot and am so glad we are still able to teach them since they live in the elders' area. Brother Dortheo and her make such a cute couple. I hope Brother Dortheo will pull through his medical troubles and is able to go off of dialysis soon, that is never any fun.

Mary Lou gave up literally everything to be with him and did so knowing in full she would have no job coming here, no car, no house, wouldn't be able to see her family or friends as much. She would even have to care for him until he gets better. That just shows devotion and dedication that is missing in marriages these days. It gives me hope that not all marriages end in divorce or should end in divorce like many people these days say they do.

The Dalogates are on vacation and so is Sister Fox, so we did some more knocking and street contacting this week and found some more potentials for the area book which is cool!
Our goal for this week is to find new people to teach and share the #A Savior is Born video with. My own goal is to find at least 1 person per street for the area book. I have been working hard at a new way to organize the book that is similar the the way I have previously done in Cerritos and Ocean view, so it's keeping my mind busy during my lunches and free time of the day. I don't mind so much, it really helps me know who we should focus on since planning time just isn't long enough to find people.

Today I went to the Knotts marketplace just outside the Knotts Berry Farm and had fun looking through the gift shops briefly. I got a couple small souvenirs for my time here in Buena park. I had been looking forward to going there since Sister George told me about how we can visit the shops on P-day and was happy to hear it's still OK to visit briefly there on P-days.

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