Monday, November 9, 2015

26 - Future baptisms and mothers

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Mission address:
 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
 California Long Beach Mission
 6500 E Atherton St.
 Long Beach, CA 90815

Things are going well in Beuna Park. I got moved in already and found we have to tip toe around our apartment because of the local dramatic downstairs who says we stomp around everyday and will yell at our door if we walk. Thankfully she hasn't appeared at our door yet.

We have three investigators that have baptisms coming up within this and next month.

Debbie is a sweet mother who we get rides to church every week with her two year old daughter and mother in law who has dementia (I like her, she is so nice and funny). She sadly doesn't have the most support from her husband, but she is trooping on in faith with or without his support towards baptism. She even came to a baptism in our zone and was crying the whole time and felt the spirit so strongly and loved every minute of it. They even played some new Mormon messages while people were changing clothes and they were so touching, I loved it. She is so prepared and wonderful, I am so excited for her. She has gone through so much adversity, and still is, but she has so much faith. Our miracle with her was each week we have to call around for a car seat so she and her daughter can go to church, but the other day just before going to her home before church, we saw a booster seat that would work for her by a free pile (here they pile up free things instead of taking it  to a good will, sadly. On a mission we have rules against most things we can get from there). That has been termed by my companions "car seats from heaven."

Tiffany is a wonderful mom with her 16 month old son and is so excited to meet people, have fun with the ward, and wants so badly a loving and supportive father for her and her son. She was pretty excited as well with learning about the temple and sealing together families for eternity, she wants that so badly for her and her son. She also is excited to try out a little family history that hopefully I will be able to do some with her in the family history center.

Jocelyn is over 8 and is excited as well for her baptism. She is so smart and very quick to understand the lessons, even though many things are hard for older people to comprehend in such a short amount of time. Her mother who is less active is also excited for her and still has such a wonderful testimony and was helping her learn and teaching her along with us in the lessons, it was so neat to be with both of them.

We have taught lots of wonderful people just street contacting and most people around here will listen to you or take a card, which has been so nice.

I love visiting Sister Fox, a reactivated less active who I got to meet on exchanges last transfer, she is so nice. She going into surgery today so I hope she is doing alright. She is the best and is so nice. She hopes to get back to the temple so I look forward to possibly doing family history work with her some day!

This ward spoils us rotten with dinners, which is real nice and I love getting to know everyone. They are real fun and unique here in Buena Park.

I get to every now and again drive the car though when we do splits which is nice since it's limiting when you only have one driver in the companionship for STL'S. Sister Tew went with Sister Van Develde and I was with Sister Skelton. It makes things so nice when we have so many people to visit and it's hard to schedule things around STL work.

Other than that it's been a fun and interesting week of trainings for my companions since they are STL's and I got to help out with serving food for the new missionaries and trainings. Either way its been fun for the most part with so much work to do and chances to share the gospel. Not so much in the way of service here, only the old folks home, but even our chance this week was fun decorating for Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. I got to watercolor a more realistic turkey which was fun and relaxing, so many patients there had fun watching me too! Though I do miss my watercolors and paper. Crayola and construction paper is a hard medium to work with, but it made it so I had to get creative! In the end they put it up and asked me to sign it too. Sounds like it's a keeper!

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