Monday, July 20, 2015

10 - Clothing, junk

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 Sister Rachael Geniel Clark
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Things are going well for the most part this week. Sister George and I have been cleaning our apartment and de junking it finally. Lots of clothing and, well, junk. She is leaving for home the end of this transfer so I will be getting a new companion, many people are saying I will probably be put with Sister Paw (an Asian sister that Sister George was companions with and we did splits with awhile ago) I will also most likely stay put since if I go almost our entire area will be white washed and that is just NO GOOD for an area we worked so hard to build up during the rebuilding phase.

We got fed every day this week by members, last week we got none so it was certainly interesting. I did exchanges on Monday-Tuesday with Sister Fredrickson again, that was so much fun. I stayed here this time and we found three very good potentials, two were Spanish though. It was sure stressful though handling the phone all my myself and we had text messages for Sister Fredrickson off the hook during all our lessons which wasn't helping. We also met up with an either unfortunately cranky or atheist lady near Luis, we were early for his lesson since dinner canceled (the went on vacation and forgot to cancel) so we though about going around to contact people. That lady thought we were solicitors, which we aren't, and we only went up to her to ask if we could pet her three cats who where laying around in the grass when she came right up to us and was informing us that we were doing illegal solicitation in the area and that is was private property (the condo area) and we are never allowed to be there EVER. We just left her be in her cranky self and moved on, then she started to follow us, then we just left and parked elsewhere away from her. Sister Fredrickson just kinda laughed after that later, she had never met such an overtly cranky lady before. Even if she called the police, we have all the rights in this world to be there. Now, if we were perposely bothering her, that's another story, but to go up to her and say hello, that is overkill. Either way, we avoid her when we go to lessons with Luis.

Luis is going along pretty well, we just need to get him to church. He couldn't this week because his mom wanted him to help around the house..... which means we need to talk to mom before going further it looks like.... I hope we can meet with him still and have him continuing progress soon.

Amelia is doing well too, She comes to church every week, but modesty is still a bit of an issue with her sadly. Still no baptism date. She is still so spiritual.It's amazing the testimonies she writes down so she can show us each Sunday! So sweet and loving!

Not much contacting or lessons this week, TONS AND TONS of service though. We helped Sister Frosty clean out another storage closet, Sister Becker around the house, Betty with her family history, and decorating for the Special Olympics that will happen this week. I made three neon tiki boxes and am still working on the neon flowers. They want things to glow like crazy and have dancers, monkeys.... Yep, the dancers are sure happy for the non traditional luau (they were livid about the monkeys in the banana tree's). Oh well, the kids will have fun either way!

I got so tired of standing forever painting, and hear some ladies gossip that I wanted to quit half way, but I did three, then quit to do some cutting and painting flowers instead. I feel bad for them. They had only us and two other helpers to put up and decorate everything. The paint was so thin that you had to go over it again and again, and wait forever to paint, and some people were impatient to say the least. We did finally get it done though!!!

Honestly not much more, its just been so humid (monsoon season they call it here) it is wreaking havoc on my hair and I constantly feel sticky and HOT, imagine walking out of the HOT shower and that is the weather WHILE it is raining. It was miserable yesterday getting rejected constantly while contacting in the rain. Even in the car it would fog up, and with the air on cool full blast, it didn't relive the heat and humidity. Oh, and the smells that come up, that is another thing I didn't know about humidity, it brings out smells you would never have thought existed there. Its like constant wet dog all around you.. I MISS UTAH"S BONE DRY WEATHER!

Today is much better though. We needed the rain here, but not the humidity.
Here are some photos of the koi pond at our complex that they finally finished.
Betty and I, and one from the tiki painting (mine are the bottom middle three)

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