Monday, June 15, 2015

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So, this week I have killed a total of 28 roaches, heard an average of 20 fireworks and 3 gunshots a night, and found 0 new investigators. Could always be worse, but it definitely could be better. We did however find a neat farmers market, with the crankiest and meanest manager ever. He made it VERY clear we were not allowed to do anything here as far as missionary work is concerned because, and I quote, “there are lots of atheist, and I mean atheist people as atheist can be here. We don't want religion or we would be doing this here wouldn't we? We want to be left alone and just do our vegetable and fruit shopping. it is a miracle I even allow you two girls in here to shop." the rest was just him being rude and quite frankly I found many LDS people there who would stop us and talk for a bit in the middle area...... oh well, won't be going back anytime soon. I have never been so offended by a person before in my life! The offending parts I left out and kept it to the nice parts for you here.

Other than that sorry guy, not much luck for myself and Sister George. We did find a really nice portirican lady who gave us the low down of the neighborhood, CATHOLIC, made us know that for sure, but was super nice and even invited us to have dinner with her and to talk sometime. She met with missionary’s years ago and loves us over for fun, a little odd, but cool!

Mostly Sister George and I have been working hard with cleaning up the potentials book, so full of 2007 even one 1998 name in it that was never updated. A lot of people in this area move constantly so it is a battle with trying to keep investigators and potentials before they move. Even the ward is down 80 people in the last year with barely anyone coming into the area. To make things worse 2/3 of the ward are elderly and we have been having every week 1-2 members or their family members die. It’s been a very hard and tearful time for everyone.

It makes me just so glad to know the things I do in times like this, it’s comforting and makes the sadness of their passing somewhat of gladness for them and an excitement for when I will be able to see them again. One lady that sister George taught and got baptized was this 90+ year old lady who years ago was super strong into the church, then got confused with a part of the doctrine of the church and left seeking for the true church.... needless to say after 30 years, she realized that she had been in the only true church and was retaught things again, cleared of the confusion, and got re-baptized after a year of waiting (she had her records taken out of the church) less than a year later from when she got baptized she passed away a week ago. You never know the people you meet and their stories. I love that part, just meeting and listening to these amazing people with such kind hearts who let you in.

I was told by president that Sister George and I were to be family history missionaries for at least an hour a week now, SOOOOOO COOOOL!!!!!!

I can't wait! I love doing family history, it’s like completing one big puzzle that's really old and not all the pieces are there, but finding them is half the fun! I hope I meet some people on the street who I can help and work with them in the amazing family history library we have here, IT IS SO NICE AND ORGANIZED.

Tried to go shopping here for clothing at thrift stores, they are quite sad and picked over, only stained old clothing or over the top skanky clothing here.... I took for granted for sure the DI's in Utah where you can walk in and almost always find SOMETHING decent you could wear. Clothing stores around here ARE EXPENSIVE and SKANKY.... or modest and even more expensive! Good grief. I do have enough for the week, but it’s nice to have more than 8 outfits to choose from each week and not wear them out after a couple months of constant use. Thankfully I choose some nice high quality skirts and brought them here so I won't be too bad. I did get a very nice dress here, just need to modify it to be a little more modest since it is too big for me anyways, and lengthen it a tad just to make it more my style along the bottom. Now for a white jacket/shirt to cover the sleeves. The one I bought from home I lost just before leaving somehow and the one I have looks like it will get too worn out before I leave so I am trying to pick and choose when I wear it.

The ward members are so sweet here, they care so much about us and love having us over, It’s nice to have a welcoming ward, now to just get them to let us go to visiting teaching with them so we can help out the less active. All the ward member sheets and teaching sheets, and EVERYTHING here is a year or so outdated making everyone's calling so hard. Nothing is getting done around here till the sisters last month and the elders went out and helped. We

aren't supposed to, but everything was a standstill for everyone until we did it. Hopefully we can be a missionary now that that's been done.

Yep, most days I spend is cleaning up record sheets and cleaning out the apartment (which is finally clean... bugs are a lost cause now.... but yeah) Amelia our golden investigator got a baptism date, SO COOL!!!! Best missionary miracle ever. It makes you feel like a superhero when you are following the spirits promptings and know just want to say to touch their heart, and help guide them towards joining and feeling the greatest blessings on earth that heavenly father has just waiting to give them. When the scriptures says you will receive more blessings than you can handle, God isn't lying for sure! It’s amazing to see the progression of our investigators and see the joy and happiness our message brings. If only everyone in life knew what I did, they would be begging to have what I do. Most just don't understand it and see it as something completely different.

Well, I have to get going, no new pictures this week, but next week I will. PLEASE, feel free to write me or email me, I love reading mail, especially letters (because I can re-read them anytime I want) Let me know you are doing.

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